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$15 Donation: 1 Entry (unlimited entries)

$45 Donation: 3 Entries + 1 Tee Shirt designed by Salah Mason and Sam Sundos
Shirts donated from BTSA.

- Participants are allowed unlimited entries.
- The winner will be selected randomly among all eligible entries.
- The raffle will only conclude and the winner announced once the fundraising reaches the set reserve of $3000.00 USD

*Raffle will continue to be open for an additional 2 weeks once reserve is met.
*Please see full rules below*


Designed by Sam Sundos and Alvaro Ucha Rodriguez - In collaboration with Lichen and Roosi
2 in.  embroidered canvas
Cotton on canvas, Cherry Wood, Steel


For more than 75 relentless years, Palestine has endured occupation, oppression, genocide and unimaginable hardships at the hands of the Israeli government. The undeniable truth has only intensified since October 7th.

Yet, in the face of this adversity, we hold on to a fervent belief in humanity's capacity for change. Our collective spirit yearns to shape a world where Palestine is free—a world we aspire to witness in our lifetime.

To aid the displaced, distressed, and innocent lives shattered by this ongoing crisis, Sam Sundos will be raffling the stool made in collaboration with Lichen and roosi. All proceeds will go towards Gaza Mutual Aid Solidarity.


@lalph_rauren @anthropologicalexchange

A group of Palestinian volunteers and mutual aid helping people in Gaza on the ground providing water, meals, tents, clay ovens, and more as the people navigate and survive to fight another day.

“We are an ad-hoc group of volunteers who have loved ones in Gaza. Our goal is to give direct mutual aid to help displaced & distressed families meet their basic needs during these catastrophic times. Last month, our mutual aid campaign quickly gathered over $45,000. We are amazed by our generous community. All of the funds have been transferred to people in Gaza, but not without difficulty, as is generally the case for sending any financial support to those living under the blockade in Gaza or occupation in The West Bank. All platforms (Venmo, Western Union, Zelle, etc) have limits on how much funds one can transfer. In order to circumvent this, we are suggesting these methods to donate & support while we continue to coordinate between all participants” 

Donate directly to them:

  1. Venmo: @Nora-Shabib (last 4 digits: 2652) or @Laziza-Farm (last 4 digits 6301)
  2. Zelle: Hadeel Assali 713-402-8373
  3. Cashapp: $sousanhammad
  4. Paypal: PLEASE use friends & family NOT Goods & Services, note that this is easier to find on a desktop browser vs mobile device.
  5. Apple Cash: Amanda Assali 281-435-8779
Western Union: email to arrange

*A note for all transactions: When adding notes on donations, please do not use words/emojis like: palestine, gaza, the flag, or watermelon. This helps avoid getting flagged or having funds frozen. Instead, consider: soup, water, tents, etc, or the corresponding emojis :)


The other day my friend wrote: Each day I watch the saddest thing I’ve ever seen and the next day I do it again.

Palestinians have been enduring inexcusable violence and displacement for more than 75 years at the hands of a Zionist project backed by western imperialism.

Over three months now Palestinians throughout the diaspora have witnessed their people in Gaza publicly endure a genocide at the hands of these powers while the rest of the world idly stands by.

My own government - the reason this is allowed to take place - ignores the calls for a ceasefire of which the majority of the people it represents is demanding.

Thinking of the Zionist violence forced upon the Palestinian people as abstract is no longer an excuse. The Palestinian people are broadcasting it live to all of us. Silence on this is now undeniably violent. One must be willfully ignorant at this point to not see what is happening. And to be this ignorant means there is no room for empathy. And if there is no room for empathy I believe there can never be love.

So I simply say “Somebody I love is Palestinian” and I do so with all the anger and urgency felt by all Palestinians demanding an end to our people’s genocide and occupation. There is no moving forward without a Free Palestine.

May we all be blessed with the resilience and strength of the Palestinian people.

Thanks for the support and I truly hope that all that you wish for the Palestinian people comes back to you tenfold.

Photo Credit: Farah Alimi (@farahjaka)


Sam Sundos is a Palestinian-American artist living and working in Brooklyn who expresses himself through various mediums. His work includes paintings, drawings, and hand-embroidered cotton/canvas tapestries. Sundos uses recurring characters throughout his art to explore themes of self-discovery, self-acceptance, and the duality of human existence. His paintings and drawings depict subjects that appear detached and apathetic, reflecting the fatigue seen in society. In contrast, his embroidered pieces often feature "dancing figures" and imagined landscapes, evoking a sense of unity and hope for the future. Through his art, Sundos seeks to convey the significance of human touch and the value of every human life.

**Raffle Rules:**

1. **Eligibility:** Open to individuals aged 18 and above, residing in locations where this raffle is legal. Participants must abide by local laws and regulations regarding charitable raffles.

2. **Entry Methods:**
   - $15 Donation: Provides one (1) raffle entry.
   - $45 Donation: Includes a charity T-shirt and three (3) raffle entries.

3. **Donation Process:**
   - Donations must be made through to ROOSI LLC.
   - Each donation tier will correspond to the appropriate number of entries.

4. **Prize and Winner Selection:**
   - The prize will be The River Stool Set.
   - The winner will be selected randomly among all eligible entries.
   - The raffle will only conclude and the winner announced once the fundraising reaches the set reserve of $3000.

5. **Duration:**
   - The raffle fundraiser will continue until the reserve of $3000 is met.
   - Upon reaching the reserve, the fundraiser will extend for an additional 2 weeks to allow more participation.

6. **Winner Announcement:**
   - The winner will be announced publicly through a LIVE drawing on Instagram within 2 weeks after reaching the reserve.
   - The winner will be contacted directly using the provided contact information.

7. **Donation Allocation:**
   - Donations collected by ROOSI LLC will be distributed to "Gaza Mutual Aid Solidarity”.
   - ROOSI LLC will not take any profits from the donations received for this raffle.

8. **Location:**
   - This raffle will be conducted online and is open to with the 50 US States and select international regions.

9. **Miscellaneous:**
   - The organizers reserve the right to modify or cancel the raffle if unforeseen circumstances arise.
   - All proceeds will go directly to the named charities.

10. **Legal Disclaimer:**
- By participating, entrants acknowledge that a minimum donation is necessary to enter the raffle.
- Entrants agree to abide by these rules and the decisions made by the organizers.
- No purchase or donation is necessary to enter the raffle. Alternative entry methods can be requested in writing. However, to be eligible for the prize, a minimum donation as specified in the entry methods section is required.

11. **Contact Information:**
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