In response to the ongoing global health crisis, Meguru Yamaguchi has teamed up with Japanese fashion brand 0008infinity and roosi, in order to offer face masks for those living in Japan and in the United States.

55% Cotton, 45% linen blended fabric is used as the mask’s outer material and 100% cotton double gauze for the lining to provide ample breathability even in warmer temperatures. Adjusters are also affixed onto the mask for personal comfort.


Our mask does not fully protect you from infections, toxic gases or dust. Please use it in order for you to reduce intake of particle like dust or to contain spread of particles when coughing. We will not resend you a mask if it was returned back to us.


*1 Mask per person/purchase. All orders placed by you are subject to acceptance by roosi and all items are subject to availability. If by any means, an order is duplicated or manipulated, both orders will be cancelled. All purchases will be final.


All purchases through the Services are made pursuant to a shipment contract. This means that the risk of loss and title for such items pass to you upon roosi’s delivery of such items to the shipping carrier. Except as expressly set forth in these Terms and Conditions, you are responsible for filing any claims with the applicable carrier for damaged and/or lost shipments.


No Returns. No Refund.


roosi was formed with the intention to connect fine art to everyone. the art industry is often perceived as “exclusive” or “unreachable” by many people, roosi aims to shift traditional views of fine art and dismantle its longstanding ideals.

because we value diversity and community, we aim to bring the luxuries of the art world to those who don’t fit the conventional mold.

with all things considered, inclusivity needs to be a new, premium standard within the fine art world and beyond.

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